Short summary of last two weeks:
Almost all functionalities included in my proposal has already been implemented.
For last month I left most of works on the documentation and some refactoring.
I will follow good practices summarised in this posts:

At last I also plan to include short vignettes.

After project I still plan to work on development of the package, by adding such functionalities like:
– sentiment analysis
– dimension reduction
– word embedding
– more use-cases

At the moment we have 10 issues pointed out in the github repository.
One includes return of uniform output for the topic models from different packages.

The most important functionalities that had been implemented last weeks:

– Adjusted tm_map to work for more complex cases
– c function for tmCorpus data
– terms for mallet topic model
– refactored train and predict functions for tmTopicModel
– included treetagger into package through koRpus (still there should be included check if the treetagger is instaled on the computer)

Also, I performed initial sentiment analysis on the tweeter data, and some more short vignettes.
Tweeter ISIS