This week was my first approach to creating code using Test Driven Development. This is a software development process that consists of very short development cycle. First you have to write tests for new feature. After that you only implement code to fulfill tests requirements.

The approach was first made at testing repository: Test Github repo and now I would move to more official one: Official repo.

First week of tests showed few on which I plan to focus over working period:

    • Naming commits – very simple, but at the same time important thing (never thought about this before)
    • Code style compliance tests – so tak code looks nicely. This will be performed using lint and formatR packages
    •  testthat
    • Adding issues to be solved in github repo
    • Adding .gitignore file to GitHub
    • Testing using test_that function

At last plans for the next week:

May 30 – June 5


  • Writing the core functions train() and predict()  solution is already partially implemented at my GSoC applitacion repo: Application repo
  • Documentation and final testing for bugs. Testing is what I am doing all the time in TDD
  • Also, I would continue on implementing the basic data structures.